Colin has an international career as a teacher and educator.

Following a long association with the University of Oxford where he was, for many years, the singing teacher at New College, Colin has taught at various institutions in Europe and the USA. These have included the University of Pisa, Utah State University and various colleges in the University of Cambridge.

In 1987, Colin set up the Ferrandou Summer School for Singers in the Dordogne Valley, France, with the baritone, David Wilson Johnson. He subsequently founded the Scheggino Course for Young Singers in Umbria, Italy (2002). In addition, he has taught at summer schools around the UK, at the Cisternino Choral Course and on the Course for Young Choral Directors at Stroncone, Italy. He recently received an invitation to teach at the Conservatorio N. Piccini in Bari.

Colin has a private practice in London and Rome and gives regular masterclasses at Cernusco Lombardia, near Milan.

Current and past students include Raffaele Pe, Daniel Norman, Elizabeth Atherton, Eamonn Dougan, Benjamin Hulett, Elizabeth Roberts, Benjamin Williamson and Alexander Potter.

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